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New History of Davika

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ดูหนังออนไลน์ New History of Davika Super Star Thailand
Vivian Horne (May 1992) is a Belgian-Belgian-born model and businessman who entered the entertainment industry at the age of 13-14 with a photo of one of Japan's motorcycles. Then shot. Walking and advertising until the age of 17 signed a contract. The 7th Army Television Channel, the first and the second broadcast drama. It is a shadow of Cupid with supernatural. And a good response. The first movie released in 2013. Prakhanong. Plays the role of Mrs. Naga The success of the film is the highest ever in Thailand. After that, there was a movie released each year. The film was later released as a freelance trauma. Do not get sick, do not love doctors, 20 new U-turn heart. Has won the award. And critics in December 2015 expired contract with the agency is currently an independent actor.


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